Adobe Attracts COLORFUL People

Having an opportunity to be a part of my grandfather, Jack Weir’s adobe home legacy has been a blessing in many ways.  One of which, is the heritage that goes along with the business.  Each adobe home seems to have a story behind it that goes well beyond the brick and mortar.  One of the easiest ways to show just how esteemed these homes were and are, is by citing the names of the homeowner’s themselves.  Here are just a few names of families and individuals that sought out the expert building techniques of the Weir Bros. in the times of Adobe.  Fouts (as in Dan Fouts of the Chargers), Delorean, (as in Delorean automobiles, if you’re unfamiliar, see Back to the Future), Osterizer (yes, that thing that blends your smoothies), Fleet (hint: there is a space museum named after him in San Diego), and many many more.  And then there are less known owners like Bud Hotchkiss, the head FBI investigator on the Marilyn Monroe case, who had his very own interesting theories on how her passing actually occurred.  The properties are positively covered with unique story telling opportunities and conversation pieces, items that will be tough to come across in a 1998 tract home.   All said, the Weir Brothers worked with some of the most colorful people of San Diego’s history, and they themselves, Larry and Jack, were amongst the colorful.